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The Faction's Lair

25 April 1988
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I suppose it's about time I updated this.

Real name; I don't like giving it out on t'internet
Screen names; Valca, Valca Sarn (formerly The Faction's Lord)
Nicknames (offline); Caribou, Bou, Bouly, assorted variations on that theme, one other which won't be added here
Nicknames (online); TFL, Tuffle

RPG; Xenosaga series, Albedo for the win.
Animé; Serial Experiments Lain
Manga; Toss up between Gunslinger Girl and Aria
Book; The Braided Path trilogy
Genre; Headscrew ^_^
Character; Tabis/Kaworu of Neon Genesis Evangelion, with Boogiepop in a close second
Film; Return of the King
Recent T.V. show; Heroes
Old T.V. show; Neverwhere
Evil laugh; Albedo, by a long ways

Most recent (as of today):
Game; Tales of Symphonia again
Animé; Claymore
Manga; Akira 6
Book; The Ascendency Veil
Character; Boogiepop
Film; Hot Fuzz
Evil Laugh; me, probably (it relieves stress, and is rather fun, try it)

And that's most of it ^_^